You will learn nothing from me today. Today we are all about laughing at/with those whose command of the English language is somewhat compromised by the fact that they don’t speak it.

Why? Because bad translations are freaking hilarious. Evidence: the weird snorty sound that I have been trying to stifle in the library while – er – researching this post.

If you’re a traditional sort, you might like the old classics over at Lost in Translation.

Oddee.com also has some crackers – and a whole lot of other collections that could suck you into that browse-giggle state for hours. Probably.

But there is no greater collection on the internet than at Engrish.com.

This site is so huge and popular, they even have their own range of merchandise – with a whole lot of t-shirts and coffee cups that I would love for my next birthday, thank you. (Note: I do not wish to receive the t-shirt below.)

Here are a few of my favourites (warning: seriously undergraduate humour ahead):










Seen any good translations lately? Please share.


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